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I Can Drink You Under the Table

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Sunday, May 11th, 2003
10:02 am - Locked: Gryffindor Eyes Only
So I got caught cheating with those answers I...acquired.

God! My life sucks. Spent the last couple of weeks studying for the make-up test, and I got FIVE Howlers from mum and then I also got detention and I had to sweep the corridors and make McGonagall her tea every night.

I liked making the tea.

But everything else were shite.

Anyway, I wanna get back into Quidditch. I missed too many bloody practices! McGonagall couldn't even argue for me, cause I didn't cheat in her class (she's kind of a right bird, when it comes to Quidditch, at least).

Lastly, I think Lavender was making eyes at me. Can't blame her, really. I'm surprised all the girls aren't making with the cow eyes.

I'm gonna go comfort myself with some more of those Confuddle Coconut Crispies. Whichever one of you twins made it was brilliant.

current mood: annoyed

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Monday, April 28th, 2003
6:44 am - Gimme a G
Seems I haven't yet gotten the hang of this stupid journal thing, because I keep fucking messing up. I tried to search By Interest for the Bludger Backbeat and all I got was some nonsense about some ancient Muggle band.

Then I tried to figure out how to modify my journal, but it turns out we need paid accounts! So then I had to find out what it meant by 'account'. And I don't get it. Hogwarts won't give their students paid accounts, at least for the rest of the school term?

I did find one other lass who played Beater for one of the Beauxbaton houses. She said they got all their accounts paid in full for the rest of their lives. Yeah, it means even when they graduate, they'll still have paid journals. And, uh.

I had a fish burger for lunch today. It was pretty good. Ron ate one too, but his had a lot of tartar sauce, it was kinda funny, cause it made a mess all over his mouth, and I had to point it out. Lavendar punched me in the arm. Those girls can punch hard! Seems all girls ever do is punch me. Tarts.

Mmmmm...went to Zonkos this weekend. Hey FnG, when the hell are you guys gonna set up shop? Or at least take over Zonko's? Zonko is getting a little...eccentric. Has anyone else been there lately? Me and Dean where looking some of the sticky sandwiches and Zonko came over and took it from us. All suspicious-like! Hid it in the back, maybe ate it, I dunno. And everything is under lock-and-key right now. Y'have to ask t'see anything now, and when you do, he stands right by you and stares. Even got his little sister/wife/cousin/daughter to help out if there's more than one customer.

I think the trick puzzles and the dungbombs were the only things left in the out. That place used to be fun. I don't get it.

Locked for Ron: Hey Ron, wanna come egg old Zonko's store with me tonight? I found a way to sneak out of the grounds! Fancy that! I'm a bloody genius. We'll be back before lights out, I swear, Harry won't even miss you.

current mood: grumpy

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Friday, April 18th, 2003
10:54 pm
71 days until summer...

Hey, exams are coming up, I could really use your brothers right about now, Ron. I need, um, study cheat sheets.

We have a weekend at Hogsmeade coming up; fancy asking your brothers for some, er, extracurricular help? We could meet them at the Three Broomsticks, or something. Send them an owl, will you? They'll listen to you, right?

You're not any good with Charms, are you? You should sit with me next class, mate.


So I told my parents about the Quidditch Camp, and mum was okay with it but da was a little put out. I don't think he trusts the Weasleys, and he knows a lot of them'll be at the camp. And so I was like "how the hell do you know the Weasleys, da?" and he was all "Oh, in that Diagonal Alley".

Oi. Sometimes he's such a sodding chip.

current mood: lethargic

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Wednesday, April 16th, 2003
6:37 am - Day 216
I can't wait for this year to be over.

Breakfast: Orange juice, a couple bits of toast and butter. Lots of sausages (they were the polish kind!)

Dean and I saw up Lavender's skirt in Herbology today. Dean's a perv. I laughed my ass off. I think she might have started to cry, I dunno.

Harry says I'm an arsehole. I told him he was ugly. I think he might have started to cry, I dunno.

Ron is a wanker. I hope he reads this.

Lunch: Two roast beef sandwiches, and Professor McGongagall staring at the back of my neck. I think she knew I was't gonna pass the test this afternoon.

Failed test. Turned the drum into a bucket of water. Poured it on me head for a laugh. McGonny didn't think it was funny.

Potions was stupid, as usual. Snape noticed and talked to no one but Harry. WTF?

Dinner: Roast beef. The house elves are getting lazy. Note to self: write a complaining memo to Dumbledore.

current mood: cranky

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